FlattyGull – Plastic dead flat gull

Plastic dead flat gull.

Observing a dead bird, especially when it concerns a congener, is sufficient reason for a bird to flee. This effect is reinforced when he sees several dead specimens hanging or lying down. Especially when the approaching bird can conclude that death is caused by one of its natural enemies.

Hanging a FlattyGull  on a string shows that it concerns human’s work. The FlattyGull has a hole for the rope.

In addition to humans, birds of prey and other predators are the largest natural enemies for a gull. Laying down some FlattyGulls is easy due to the relatively flat shape. If you place a FlattyGull of a bird of prey or predator (see the available models on this website) a few meters away, the approaching bird knows that he better goes out of that spot.

Because of the material (gummy), the FlattyGull  is resistant to all weather conditions and a fall from a great height. A sustainable product that allows you to keep unwanted birds away from roofs, balconies, terraces, vegetable gardens, etc.