LaserOp Automatic 200

LaserOp Automatic 200

The LaserOp Automatic 200 scares the birds away with a laser beam.

Automatically the laser beam moves both horizontally and vertically. Ideally suited for bird control applications operated from an higher level , for keeping an area or building bird-free.

On  airports the LaserOp Automatic 200 can be used to keep the airstrip and surrounding areas free from birds.

In agriculture and horticulture the LaserOp Automatic 200 is effective against geese,ducks and corvids. In fruit orchards against wood pigeons, corvids and titmice, on a factory or appartment building against gulls.

How does it work?

In a quick and simple way, using pushbuttons, you can set up the maximum beam range and then the LaserOp Automatic 200 will do the job by itself. In a few minutes the LaserOp Automatic will be ready for use. No PC connection required.


Power supply: 12V

Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 70 cm.

Weight:  22 kgs.

Material: black polyethene. Inside: stainless steel

IP Rating 66


  • 12V battery, eventually with a solar panel on a stand.
  • 230V AC adapter with cable and plug.

 Partnumber: 020

Another innovative product from: Ketrop