The Scatterbird Mark 3 is a soundly constructed gun bird scarer which has been specifically designed to meet user requirements.

Its design is based on the successful Scatterbird 2, which is renowned for its durability and reliability. It has many innovative parts, including the use of UV-stabilised impact-proof polypropylene for its casing, and it offers improved functionality while retaining its ease of operation.

It is a unique, weatherproof bird scarer, which offers an excellent price/quality ratio combined with high performance.

  • Sound design with little maintenance
  • Rust and weatherproof
  • Automatic morning start and evening stop
  • Reliable electronics
  • Extremely effective in high wind speeds
  • Easy to operate, adjustable number of bangs and interval management with a “random” option.

The Scatterbird Mark 3 is available with an adjustable legs option, which enables you to position the device off the ground, so that the full strength of the bang can be heard from a large distance. Use of the optional internal battery is recommended to prevent damage caused by vermin or any flood damage to the wiring.