The SINGERSOUND has a design that makes it versatile and easy to use. It is a fully pre-programmed bird scarer which is suitable for use in different places, by both farmers and private individuals.

The device is supplied with 4 internal loudspeakers in a waterproof casing.

The SINGERSOUND produces 64 different high-frequency sounds of different intervals and duration. With this device you will create an environment that is unpleasant to be in, so birds will start to avoid it.

You can choose between a SINGERSOUND that produces an ultrasonic (inaudible) sound or audio (audible sounds).

Properties of the Singersound:

  • Variable sound duration: between 5 seconds and 1 minute; variable interval up to 15 minutes.
  • The sound of the Singersound does not travel as far as that of, for example, a gun bird scarer, so there will be fewer complaints from your environment..
  • With this device you will manage to keep birds at a distance, even tits and song birds at fruit farms!!