Better full protection than a half one!

Solar panels provide you benefits, but also require maintenance. That maintenance can be considerably limited if you do something to prevent nuisance from birds. Jackdaws and pigeons are notorious for nesting under solar panels. Jackdaws in particular are very persistent and inventive in their attempts.

The most common problems caused by nesting birds:

  • Poor drainage of rainwater, for example due to blockage of the rain gutter
  • Obstructed ventilation that can lead to an overheated installation
  • Parasitic insects that end up on birds and/or their manure
  • Noise pollution
  • Risk of short circuit or fire

You can keep the birds away by sticking the strips with pins on the side of the solar panels. These strips made from stainless steel are available in 2 variants, with pin lengths of both 160 and 210 mm.

Compared to similar products from other suppliers, this product distinguishes itself by the extra strips that you can apply to reinforce the outside in order to prevent birds from creating gaps.

® If mounted correctly, SOLAR PANEL BIRD PROTECTION offers a FULL and long-lasting bird defence.
® SOLAR PANEL BIRD PROTECTION enables optimal ventilation under solar panels!


Article 430/160: 160 mm pin length, 2 mm pin thickness, strip length: 100 cm.

Article 430/210: 210 mm pin length, 2 mm pin thickness, strip length: 100 cm.