Effectively prevents BIRD NUISANCE 


Pigeon droppings are unsightly. They destroy structural integrity and endanger health. Just a few urban pigeons can cause a great degree of damage for people and the environment.


Traditional bird repellent systems such as spikes and wires are unattractive and deface buildings and facades. Furthermore, they also present a major risk of injury for people and animals.



PLATINUM is simple, effective. PLATINUM bird repellent gel adheres practically everywhere, can be adapted to all types of surfaces and is cheaper than traditional repellent systems. PLATINUM is free from substances which are hazardous for people, animals and the environment.

  • PLATINUM has a permanent and reliable effect where urban pigeons and other birds have become a major nuisance. Pigeons do not feel comfortable on the treated surface, and immediately fly away once they land and do not return.
  • Optically inconspicuous – ideally suitable for buildings, façades, historical monuments, photovoltaic systems, advertising and information boards, as well as many other places.
  • Adapts to each surface form and adheres to almost every surface.
  • Universally useable – immediately effective, can also be combined with other repellent systems.
  • Simple, fast and clean application, no prior knowledge is required.
  • Non-poisonous and suitable for animals – safe for people and the environment.
  • Resistant to water, frost, dust and UV.
  • Contains no silicon and can be stored indefinitely. 2-years manufacturer warranty.


The application surface must be clean, dry and free of grease and dust. Apply PLATINUM with a cartridge pistol in stripes of approx. 0.3 inch diameter onto the surface that needs to be protected. The gap between the individual stripes should be a maximum of 2 inch (please choose a smaller gap in the event of an intensive infestation). The first stripe should not be applied more than 0.8 – 1.3 inch from the surface edge. A cartridge is sufficient for applying a 20 feet stripe with thickness of  0.3 inch.


■ Facades and illumination
■ Ledges and balconies
■ Roofs and chimneys
■ Gutters and pipes
■ Cables and lightning protection systems
■ Pergolas and fences
■ Photovoltaic systems
■ Advertising and information boards
■ Historical monuments and statues