Bird Gard Super Pro with 4-way speaker

The Bird Gard Super Pro uses a combination of fear cries of the birds to be chased away and the sounds of birds of prey. The sound is recorded on a microchip and produces a natural reproduction, which in the living environment is not disturbing as opposed to gas canons.

The Bird Gard Super Pro has different switching times of the sound, time, different bird cries and volume control for optimal results. The Bird Gard Super Pro can be used for livestock, orchards, animal feed storage, barns, vineyards, airports and evidently, elsewhere where birds cause nuisance.

In terms of sounds there is a choice of starling, song thrush, blackbird, rook, jackdaw and birds of prey such as hawk and peregrine falcon.

The device comes standard with battery clamps with cable and 4-way loudspeaker.

Speaker is not provided with a pole as shown in the picture. Pole diameter up to 27 mm.

When ordering please indicate which birds you want to chase away, so that we can ensure that the correct sound card is mounted.

Article number: 361

Surface: 2.4 ha.

Dimensions: 23 x 20.5 x 13 cm

Weight: 3.2 kg