BirdAlert – an intelligent bird repellent device
BirdAlert is a product that cleverly fends off birds. The equipment can detect specific bird species and then activate different types of bird-control equipment, whereby intensity can be varied to prevent the birds from getting used to it.

Direct data management
In a few seconds, BirdAlert identifies the unique sound of the nuisance-causing bird species, including seagulls, rooks, geese and starlings. The BirdAlert box can, depending on weather and wind, detect birds within a radius of 250 meters. The observations are stored in the box, can be read online and managed in a database.

Modular bird protection systems
The BirdAlert box is equipped with five external connection ports to which various scarecrows such as speakers, kite masts and other bird-resistant equipment can be connected. As a result, a customized solution is available.

Frightening by sounds – reaction within seconds
Within a few seconds the arriving birds are confronted with species-specific deterrence sounds or by other optionally connected bird-control sound devices. Five speakers can be connected to the system, distributed over the desired area (such as for example an industrial roof) and played in a fixed or random order. A gas cannon can also be connected to the system.

Deterrence with visual effects: predator silhouettes and lights
High kites are erected and tilted with a fully automatic foot that is controlled with BirdAlert. This prevents the birds from getting used to the kites and also that the kites will not get damaged by heavy gusts of wind. The BirdAlert box also controls equipment that silently scares the birds away with movement and light reflections.

BirdAlert is frequently updated with new software that makes the system more accurate and efficient. In addition, developers are constantly working to create more deterrence methods against ever-increasing nuisance-causing bird species.

Autonomous and solar powered
In addition to a normal mains connection, BirdAlert can be powered by a solar panel or an external battery. This means that BirdAlert can be set up exactly where the need is greatest, even in areas without mains power.

Adjustable system
The BirdAlert system can be monitored and controlled remotely via the BirdAlert app, which is available for Android phones via Google Play and for iPhones in the App Store.

We deliver the device with 2 speakers as standard, all other components are an option.
Contact us or our dealer for information about any compatible devices (already in your possession or new) and adapter systems, as well as the corresponding prices.