BIRDGO™ Visual Gel

Ready to Use BIRDGO™ Visual Gel (Physical Barrier Product)

▷ Birds have a very thin skin and thinner corneas compared to mammals. This is why they appear to be more sensitive to ultraviolet light than mammals and reptiles.

▷ It is a fact that pigeons and other birds are sensitive to UV light. Spectrophotometric and electrophysiological studies of the avian retina suggest that birds can distinguish colors ranging from the ultraviolet.

BIRDGO™ Visual Gel is long range silent visual deterrents, which work by shining the UV light (between 330 and 380 nm) to disturb and deter birds.

BIRDGO™ Visual Gel absorbs the sensitive ultraviolet 330-380 nm wavelengths that birds can see from far away, and BIRDGO™ Visual Gel is a physical barrier product that keeps bird with this property away.

▷ Birds see light in this wavelength, they see the flash which is similar to flames. This imaginary ‘flame barrier’ visually deters the birds from landing.

▷ Once exactly installed, BIRDGO™ Visual Gel remains effective for at least two years.

▷ Unlike conventional gel products, BIRDGO™ Visual Gel is also effective in nest heavy pressure sites.

▷ Birds do not touch BIRDGO™ Visual Gel at all.

Birds are sensitive to ultraviolet light at 330-400 nm wavelengths that human beings cannot see.

BIRDGO™ blocks unwanted birds and pigeons from nesting, roosting, and/or congregating in areas and surfaces where they are unwanted, such as homes, schools, apartments, condos, office buildings, warehouses, and any circumstance or event where pigeons and birds cause unwanted nuisance. Apply product to areas where pigeons and unwanted birds cause unsightly or dirty environments.

BIRDGO™ comes as a ready-to-use formulation in plastic cups that are neatly applied to the desired installation area. Quick and easy to apply!

Installation area Bird nuisance Application Installation interval
Place in/around nest Very intensive 4 plastic cups 2 inches apart
Location with bird feces in abundance Intensive 1 plastic cup 4-6 inches apart
Nest entrance Medium 1 plastic cup 8-10 inches apart
Location with some bird feces  Low  1 plastic cup  12-12 inches apart

When do you use this product?

This product is efficient against: Gulls, Starling, Crows, Jackdaw, Pigeon, Swallow, Sparrow, Tomtit, Rook, Blackbird, Thrush, Jay.

This product is efficient at the following places: Balcony, Windowsill, Chimney.