Flashing Light Orange with float

By mounting the Flashing Light Orange on a float, you keep your water feature free of geese, gulls, ducks and coots. As soon as a Flashing Light starts flashing in the dark, the waterfowl present will feel uncomfortable and immediately start looking for another wetland place to rest or forage. Water birds that enter your plot from the water at night to feast on your crop also dislike this flashing light.

1 Flashing Light Orange on a float covers a range of more than 3500 m².
This makes this combination easy to use and effective.

Anchor the float, on which the Flashing Light Orange is attached, with a rope to a heavy object (weighting not included of course) in the water. Make sure the rope is long enough. This prevents the float from drifting and getting entangled in corners or coves. The float has a hole for tying the rope.

A Flashing Light Orange with float is supplied complete and almost ready for use. All the user has to do is attach the flashing light to the float using the magnetic connection.

Of course, the Flashing Light Orange can also be used on land without a float.


When do you use this product?

This product is efficient against: Geese, Ducks, Coot, Wigeon.

This product is efficient at the following places: Ponds, Water basin.