Guardian-2 Single Rotary

The Guardian-2 models work on butane or propane gas. The Guardian-2 explosions can be set from every minute to every half hour to avoid habituation. The sound level is 120 dB. The area that the Guardian-2 can protect is 3 to 4 hectares, depending on the type of crops and the surrounding area.

The Guardian-2 Single Rotary is the most effective model due to the automatic rotation system. After the explosion, the Guardian-2 turns about 90 °. Therefore, each bang is coming from a different angle and the risk of habituation gets reduced.
The tripod is 1.50 meters high, providing a bigger sound pressure level and protecting a larger area.
The Guardian-2 has an electronic piezo ignition. The rest of the machine works mechanically, making it very reliable and minimizing problems.
The entire device is galvanized, so the Guardian-2 Single Rotary is resistant to all weather conditions.

Comes without a gas bottle.