HangGull – feathered seagull decoy

Gulls can be a persistent nuisance, especially when they find food scraps near human habitation or frequently visited locations. Nuisance such as bird droppings, screeching, broken garbage bags, nesting and damage to materials and buildings. Pollution from feces on solar panels also ensures lower energy yield and malfunctions.

Gulls can also behave very aggressively towards passers-by when they are close to a nest with newly hatched young.

With HangGull  you achieve an extremely deterrent effect. Hanging this decoy upside-down creates the impression that there is a corpse of a species of his own and that there is therefore a natural enemy (man) nearby who is targeting gulls. Reason enough for a gull to avoid that spot.

Because this imitation is covered with textile feathers, it has a lifelike appearance and cannot be distinguished from a real gull at  some distance. This increases the applicability and durability of this article.

To avoid habituation, we recommend moving and sometimes removing the HangGull .


Size:50 cm