LaserOP Automatic 160

The LASEROP AUTOMATIC 160 is a fully automated device that expels birds with a laser beam. With a range of more than 2,000 meters, the LASEROP AUTOMATIC 160 excels in expelling birds, especially pigeons, crows, gulls, geese and ducks. Especially in the morning, the evening and on cloudy days.

No nuisance for your neighbors at the early and late times of the day! The device is weatherproof, CE certified and the device operates at temperatures from -10 to 45 ° C. Simple settings (plug and play) – no computer needed!

The laserbeam emits horizontal movements and covers the entire area

The appealing price of the device is a big advantage. Connection to a 12 Volt battery with optional solar panel on a standard. Adapter 230V for mains power with cable and plug is optional.

Did you know that…our LaserOP Automatic 160 works perfectly with a solar panel, also in winter months? The device can be placed wherever you want. No need to roll out cables.