LaserOP Automatic 200

The LASEROP AUTOMATIC 200 expels the birds with a laser beam.
The laser beam moves both horizontally and vertically. Extremely suitable for applications where you want to keep a plot or building from a larger height free from birds.
Especially useful in agriculture and horticulture against geese, ducks and crows. In fruit cultures effective against pigeons, corvids and tits. On an apartment building against seagulls.

Laser range over 2000 metres.

How does it work?
You can set the maximum field range in a simple and fast way, using the push buttons and successively the LASEROP AUTOMATIC 200 will control everything.
Within a few minutes, the LASEROP AUTOMATIC 200 is ready for use.

Did you know that … our Laser Automatic 200 works perfectly with a solar panel, even in the winter months? The device can be placed wherever you want. No need to roll out cables.

Once again an innovative product from


When do you use this product?

This product is efficient against: Gulls, Geese, Starlings, Crow flocks, Cormorants, Wood pigeons.

This product is efficient at the following places: Roofs, Fruit orchards, Airports, Urban areas, Buildings, Waste sites, Agricultural farms, Nursery.