LaserOP Automatic

The LASEROP AUTOMATIC is a fully automatic device that chases off birds with a laser beam.

The automatically moving green laser beam irritates birds and makes them fly away.

Geese and ducks respond immediately, and wood pigeons and crow-type birds will also be chased away.

The device is for professional use.

With a reach from 800 metres (largest light beam) to more than 2,000 metres (smallest light beam) in the dark, the LASEROP AUTOMATIC is an excellent bird scarer. Of course the device also works in daylight. The laser diode has a life of 5,000 hours. All the parts are CE certified and the device works at a temperature from 10 to 45°C.

The time when the device is working can be set by means of a time switch. Once set, the laser lamp will slowly move for 5 minutes within an angle of approximately 90 degrees. The lamp then switches off and it stops move. After 15 minutes, the device will work again for 5 minutes. The speed, as well as the height for precision targeting, can be changed while it is running.

The LASEROP AUTOMATIC is an animal-friendly deterrent. Because it makes no noise, it will not cause any inconvenience in the surrounding area. When you use a battery, you won’t need an electricity connection.

The moving lamp and the software casing with plug connectors are fitted onto a base.

The device is connected to a socket 230 V. A built-in heating element (for low outside temperatures) and ventilator (for high outside temperatures) makes the unit complete.

This LaserOp Automatic is not available anymore.