Scarecow sprinkler with motion detector and solar panel.

This water sprinkler is a useful tool for protecting your vegetable garden, ornamental garden, pond and all other surfaces from unwanted animals.
The motion detector ensures that the water sprayer works for 4 seconds as soon as motion is detected. The angle in which the motion detector detects is 90 degrees, the sensitivity is adjustable and reaches up to 10 meters.
The surprise of noise from the sprinkler and the water that comes down to them ensures that all animals are kept at a distance.
The sprinkler itself is adjustable in each angle position so that it will always sprays in the right direction.
The water sprinkler is suitable for use against all birds, dogs, cats, storks, mustelids, deer and wild boars.
The water sprayer is equipped with a solar panel. As well the rechargeable batteries are already inside the unit, you only need to connect them.
All accessories are supplied, all you need is a garden hose and sunlight. Additional water sprinklers can be connected if your garden or pond is larger than 10 meters.